Friday, June 4, 2010

Completed First Draft!

On Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010, I finished the first draft of the novel!  I have been pushing like mad to get there and although it will need much more work, especially the ending, it is time to start a edit from the beginning.  I'm looking to get this to my editor by Mid August.
The next step is a review for continuity; see what is missing and try not to edit it too much yet.  Then I will have AJ go through it for her thoughts and once my girl is done her work, we will start the big edit for content, story, plot and flow.  After those rewrites, I plan a word by word edit, adding more scene and cleaning it up.
The bar is set quite high for this book.  Good isn't good enough if I am to achieve my goals.  My mentors require nothing less.  What would Murakami say?
I am also looking forward to what the editor has to say after her initial review.  I will get a month off while she has it.  Its going to be a busy summer!

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