Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Four Host First Nations Welcome

I thought I would add this Olympic video, for those who might not find it amongst all the sports and tourism noise. It is great to see the pride and spirit of our First Nations coming out, finally. All too often we hear and see the negative aspects of what has happened to their great culture but what about their heritage, their wisdom? This video shows what they can be proud of and I hope it is the start of something new for them. Many American tribes and certainly the Hawaiians have capitalized on our fasination with their traditional ways and I hope Canada's will start to do the same. In these times, we all look toward the ancient wisdom. I believe it is our only salvation...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity | Video on

I wanted to share this TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I found it very enlightening in that I have ideas and inspiration that come to me, seemingly out of the blue, but I've never really heard it articulated quite like she does.  I call my subconscious "Herman" and know he works for me but this concept that ideas just arrive, fully formed and ready to use, was a new concept.  However, since I started writing this novel, I know it is true and I can't be so arrogant to take all the credit myself or even Herman.  The Ideas truly do arrive, fully finished as needed.  Just last Sunday I sat down at the laptop with absolutely no idea how the next chapter would unfold.  Within two hours, it was done and I was as surprised as anyone else would be at the outcome and how well it fit.  That is divine creativity.  I'll let Elizabeth explain it.  She does it far better than I could hope to...        

Olympics come to the Fort

My daughter and I went to see the torch run; it passed within a block of home.  Interesting to see how many people are excited about this but also sad to see how much security there was.  Six RCMP officers running beside the flame, as if it was the president, looking for the guy who wants to make a point by attacking the poor civilian carrying it.  What a world.  It gives me lots of fodder for my writing though.   Every day I see something or talk to someone which somehow ends up on the page, coming at just the right time for what I am doing.  That is what amazes me about this process.  Inspiration comes where it is needed, right when it is needed.