Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kodo Drummers of Japan

We went to see the Kodo Drummers last Friday night at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. Third time for me and my girl, but we brought all the kids this time. What a great experience as usual!

The only thing you can really say after watching them drum for 90 minutes is that you have witnessed excellence. There is no other word to describe it.

Strive for excellence and that is what you will achieve.

Ah, the bleak winter is upon us...

A perfect time to write. 

I finished the second half of the book by my November deadline and talked to Shannon, my editor.  She suggested I do the re-writes before she read it again (she's busy), so off I went.  However, as is usual with me, I got bogged down.  I compare my writing to building a house.  First I build the framing, then I go back and add the wires and insulation and drywall and... --you get the idea-- as I do the rewrites. 

Well, I found it quite hard to add details to the second half since the first half hasn't been re-written, so back to the beginning I went and that's where I'm at now.  It is going well and meshes well with the ending.  But I need to hurry up and finish this book!  The world needs to read about Junya.  I can't wait to introduce you.   

I'll keep you posted.