Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things are going well...

The novel is coming alone nicely.  I may even beat the June 30th deadline for the complete first draft.  I've been told to rest - Doctors orders - so whether on the lounger outside on the deck or on these grey, rainy May days, on the sofa inside, I rest with my little laptop on my knee...  I have accomplished more in the last  month and a half than ever before.  My renewed resolve is also a factor I suppose...  I've got to do this now.  This novel is the start of the second part of life.  Chapter Four?
There is probably only three more chapters to write then the novel is done.  The Journey has been difficult, disorienting and quite frustrating but, knowing I am almost there is exciting.  I am looking forward to the edit/rewrite stage.  Finishing is my forte after all.  
I've been reading a lot lately in my ample spare time, from a Contemporary Fantasy novel by Guy Kay - Ysabel, to an old western by Louis Lamour; wierd combinations I must say.  I needed a hit of the really good stuff and picked up Kafka by the Shore, by Haruki Murakami.  He is the bar; the level I am aiming at.  Is it too high?  Perhaps, but it is far better than aiming too low...

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