Friday, January 3, 2014

Thought I gave up?

I just reread the last post and had to laugh.  I didn't give up!

To get you up to date, I finished the rewrite and submitted it in early December 2012.  It came back in January 2013 with the usual message-cut another 100 pages, along with some major plot fixes.  I completed those by August but my editor couldn't get to it until October.  

When it came back, I was surprised that she didn't ask for another 100 page cut.  Instead, she had just a few plot issues that needed fixing.  The novel was the most cohesive version yet.  Inspired and happy, I attacked the rewrite.   As usual, amazing inspiration appeared just at the right time and inam so pleased with the outcome.

The final version went back to my editor in December.   The novel is done!  Line editing begins this month (January 2014) and then the next chapter begins... Getting an agent!

I'll keep you posted.

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